About us

Since 2015 Plungė Municipal Clock Tower library implementing the project Plungė Smart Park. With this project we created the virtual educational – cognitive program and web page, which is also applied for mobile devices and tablets. This program has three virtual tours: fauna, flora and cultural objects.


Aims of the Project:

•     Deeper knowledge of the environment, nature and ecology.
•    To strengthen and expand informal natural, ecological education for children and youth by using the latest technology. Also now, we are able to do: environmental and ecological activities, workshops of providing info about nature, art studios which main topic is the plant art, green lessons and so on.
•    Not only stay in a virtual world but at the same time to participate in reality: feel,  touch and smell. 
•    To carry out the main libarary‘s mision – to serve and satisfied local community. 
•    Raise awareness for developing sustainable environment. 
•    Suitable not only for groups, but more for loners and wanderes.

Why as librarians we choose this type of procejts?
However we strongly believe, that it allowed us  break library roles,  because we are the library located in the natural and historical sense exceptional location - one of the Lithuanian cultural heritage belonging M.Oginskis manor buildings - restored nineteenth century clock tower conservatory. We are surrounded by almost 60 hectares park, which is significant not only for the city, but for the whole country. We are  located in the greenest and most beautiful area of the city and for that reason, the library offers the most pure visual communication. Therefore from the beginning, we spread green idea and create sustainable environment. Also continuing the old traditions of the manor. Since 2012 we took a huge responsibilities:  to protect, to uphold and make the world aware about our institution.