The Thunder oak

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The Thunder oak is the most honorable oak in the park.

In 1960 it was annouced as natural monument and since 1987 the oak is state's significance natural monument. The oak belongs to Quercus robur species. The tree has exceeded the natural maturity and it is at resignation stage. The oak is 26 m high. It's volume is 0,9 m at 4,86 height. 

Supposedly, that Plungė park was sacrificial site of pagans and, that the Thunder oak is from the pagans times, therefore about the oak you will hear myth.

From the memories of old Plungė Citizents it is known, that duke's wife Marija beside the oak organized variuos  perfomances for children and youth. 
 The wild tulips (Tulipa sylvestris) starts blooming near the oak on spring. Tulipa sylvestris is a vigoriuos, delighfully scented, wild tulip with bright, buttercup-yellow flowers with a green rib running outside and pointed petals. The flowers happily spread.

Your eyes should notice on the other side of the river, a bit on the left - the beautiful plant Common Butterbur. The flowers are produced in the early spring, before the leaves appear. They are pale pink, with several inflorescences clustered on a 5–20 cm stem. The leaves are large, on stout 80–120 cm tall stems, round, with a diameter of 40–70 cm with petioles up to 1.5 m.

Both plants remind the times of duke's M. Oginskis in Plungė. Once they were brought to the estate,but they became wild and preserved to this day.


Perhaps, the Thunder oak remains from pagans times.