The wild meadow plants

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These meadows provide nutritional grazing for local livestock and a rich and vital food supply for honey bees. It is also common to see villagers picking flowers, herbs and plants for use in medicinal teas and syrups, local knowledge passed down through the generations.

You will find Chamarion angustifolium herb. It's leaves Lithuanians use as a tea. 

Also you will find the Jasione. This Bellflower cousin forms a low tuft or mound of grey-green leaves, bearing balls of violet-blue flowers for weeks on end that look similar to a Scabious or Pincushion Flower. Prefers an acidic, well drained soil.

More and more wild plants in this meadow you will find, take you time to investigate all of them.


Stop here and take you time to investigate the wild meadow plants and flowers.